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Friday, May 23, 2008


This Last week i got to go to Moab Utah to film a UTV ralley. Translation, a bunch of dudes who trick out there golf carts and drive them off huge rocks. It was cool because it was the first time i got to film/ photo out of a plane. We flew high above Moab and Canyon lands park to get some amazing shots. 


Then it was off to Infineon Raceway to film a Road Race motorcycle event. Not much unlike any other event on this planet where the freaks and tweaks come out to get sunburnt for the sake of the sport they may or may not be that into. For me it was a lot more fun under the umbrella of Kawasaki who hosted the event. So we got to run around with the movie stars, super models, and a boxer. Not to mention the fun invite only events that consisted of racing kids size dirt bikes around a mini course. Very fun. 

moab_infin3.jpgmoab_infin4.jpgmoab_infin5.jpg moab_infin6.jpg 

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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Part 3 of Kawasaki adventure. I’m not too country and i’m not to rock n’ roll, but I do enjoy shootin’ guns. This last week I had the pleasure of meeting 2 country music legends. Hank Jr. and Hank 3 took me turkey hunting among other things on the land that country music built. I’m sure everybody has herd Hank Jr.’s music (Monday night football), but his rising star son Hank 3 has a different taste. His music is dubbed “Hell-Billy” style and it is a quaint mixture of country and metal. A great time with Shelton Hank Williams thanks for kickin’ ass!

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