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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Corporates approve

The Ninja Underground site has been getting hit like crazy. The site has already collected a few awards in the “web” world. This weeks highlight was Adobe. Yep the people the make the programs that we use to make this shit have taken notice. It received “Site of the day” today thanks to all the hard work the Fuse people put into it. Its not easy making webby sites. Its nice when people notice. makes a girl feel pretty. Stop touching me… it got weird.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Every time i go to New York I have the best time. Mostly because I get to hang out with my long time best homegirl Sarah. This time she and tara flew ryan and I out to shoot their new line of bikinis. The setting was in city, of all places for a beachwear shoot, lent itself perfectly to Schude and I’s odd ideas. These girls are so amazing at what they do and I would do anything for them. Check out the bikinis at the commercial is coming soon.

enter shot

checking shots

follow cam

schude laughs

me and model Patricia

Matt the waiter



jero came to help out. thanks homie


tara bought beers after and spilled them all over herself on the boat


schude in rare form in the taxi

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