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Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been going back and forth on my Brat since august. It took forever to get her registered and all the paperwork cleared up. As soon as that got worked out I was good to drive her on the road. She didnt work too well so I put her in the shop for a few months. As soon as she was tip-top I started the fun stuff. First I started by getting her new shoes. 15″ black 7 spoke rims seems to suffice. Then I put a new stereo and picked up the back seats (not installed yet). Most recently I got her back form the paint shop where she came home a brand new car. Matte black and looking pissed off. Take a look, more to come soon.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


We just wrapped up a test shoot for a product shoot. One of my favorite people I met through working with Kawasaki is their “Handler” freddy. This guys job in life is to bring you vehicles to any part of the world, make sure they always work, and sometimes do some professional driving. We shared a bond pretty quick when i learned he was the camera-bike operator for one of my favorite movies “Air Borne.” He was the dude driving the motorcycle down “Devils Back Bone” following the bladers. Hes got blader-blood for life. Watch Freds moves on display in this dance jam I made out of some B-Roll.

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