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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Title: Holiday Unleashed – Holiday 2010 promotion
Client: Kawaski Motors Corp USA
Director: Sayer Danforth
Director of Photography: Chad Huff, Dana Morris
Focus Puller: Chris Arata
Creative Director: Mike Berg
Box Detail: Sven Barth, Jeff Stockwell
Script: Matt Hubball
Sound Design: Matt Hubball
Edited by: Billy Kostka
Motion Graphics: William Wallace, Eric Liss
Starring: Jeremy Toye, Chad George, Garret George
Camera: RED

I’m really excited about the last few months of work. In particular my first nationally broadcasted commercial. Watch out for it on ESPN, FSN, Fuel, and possibly a few others. It features giant christmas presents with machines exploding out of them. I wanted it to be hard to miss. I herd its been playing on most channels now. Its suppose to be up through this month and most of december
Thanks for the support.

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