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Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is the “making of” video of a trophy i made for the 1st annual “Blade Cup.” I spent about 15 hours making it from start to finish. Its Carved from walnut, internet bought 12 inch Rambo survival knife, aluminum mini frame, Them Goods swiss bearings, with a little slice of love. Don’t make something if your not gunna do it right i always say. This thing is built for survival and sturdy enough for everyday use.

The idea came when I was like “Jon, I want to make a trophy for the Cup… its gunna be a blade… but a blade. You know?” then Jon said “Ha, sounds cool man. Do it.” Then i did it hard.

Filmed and Edited By Sayer Danforth

Congratulations to Brian Aragon for 1st place

Jon Julio for putting on the Blade Cup
Aleho Candelo for ploting the vinyl
Rambo for a big ass knife
Jeff Stockwell for helping me do some filming
Beau Cottington for some clips of the event
Music By Little Dragon – shuffle a dream

Blader made in the USA™

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